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Marthas Rd., 2003-Daniel J. Bedell and Gerlinde Binder to Simon T. Malcomber and Claire A. Hemingway, $675,000.

Apsley House Ct., 5800-Harpreet K. Bilinski to Michael B. Cohen and Parvina A. Shamsieva-Cohen, $450,000.

Founders Hill Dr., 5916, No. 204-Lawrence S. and Louise E. Naehr to Nathan R. and Ashley P. Bentley, $300,000.

Governors Pond Cir., 5717-Matthew and Patricia Schewel to Shawn A. and Stephanie McKee Bone, $610,000.

Hunter Creek Lane, 6608-Ian A. and Stephanie E. Bastek to Christopher B. Strange and Veronica Rizzo, $521,900.

Liverpool Lane, 6129-Mariel Maida and Daniel Gvertz to Siobhan L. Bravo and Abraham M. Corson, $332,862.

Austin St., 7306-Byron S. Schrecker and Lisa M. Wolfe to Charles M. and Jamie Lynne Goodman, $550,000.

Elizabeth Lane, 4213-Anna Jean Shivar to Laura Rochelle Nathan Furtuna and Andrei A. Furtuna, $655,000.

Herbert St., 5812-John T. and Stephen S. Legros to Robert J. Franklyn and Tracy R. Tiernan, $570,000.

Mount Greenwich Ct., 5408-Brian P. and Gretchen Borda to Patrick T. and Jennifer J. Hemmer, $655,000.

Pine View Ct., 6366, No. 62A-Rozei Mejia Liwanag to Roxie M. Posey and Bonita Prince Woods, $223,425.

Green Trails Ct., 13902-Paul Edgar and Jennfier Snyder to Nomin Dunburee and Turbileg Erdembilegt, $434,000.

Rock Canyon Dr., 14229-John and Susan Egloff Blackwell to Kevin James and Catherine Elizabeth Trent, $640,000.

Rockton Ct., 6038-Jeremiah K. and Rachel C. Clark to Douglas Bruce Petersen and Tammy S. Petersen, $362,500.

Skipton Ct., 14503-Ana C. Vargas and Luis A. Aranguren to Peter J. McGarry and Kelly E. Gibson, $329,000.

White Post Ct., 15055-Peter E. and Narjorie C. Sielinski to Chih Ching and Dominique Chu Lee, $470,000.

Newport Dr., 4205-George W. and Jeri Turley Pennybaker to Preshanna Sangroula and Sushila Dangal, $402,000.

Marblestone Ct., 14009-Andrew P. Creane and Melissa L. Wilhelm to Michael and Joanna Syverson, $680,000.

Springs Dr. S., 13945-Peter H. and Katherine Segersten to Brian E. Hallatt and Constance C. Thomas, $635,000.

Ashford Green Dr., 12000-Rama Kishore Chennupati and Pradeep Nugooru to Youngdon Yoon and Youngsoon Lee, $535,000.

Bideford Sq., 4719-Peter T. Harrell and Jessica L. Grzymkowsky to Adam L. Cohen and Jessica M. Lovens, $507,500.

Cedar Lane, 3005-Hossein Farmand and Mansoureh Motahedin to Matthew John Weiler and Courtney Nicole Neuburg, $573,170.

Gary Hill Dr., 12104-Matthew P. and Margaret A. Filipowicz to Richard M. Hoe Jr. and Lyndsey M. Reeve, $647,500.

Millpond Ct., 3740-N. Stephen and Rebecca C. Fye to Vijay Kumar Movva and Anuradha Upputuri, $700,000.

Parkside Terr., 3316-Bart Andreas and Louise Leith Touber to Jason Altman and Allisen R. Pawlenty Altman, $689,900.

Pumphrey Dr., 5114-Jason F. and Elizabeth A. Kneeland to Hugh Dempsey and Lora Ann Hamilton, $585,000.

Rockaway Lane, 11785, No. 49-Thomas P. and Mary Ann Langan to Daniel J. Kim and Yujin Choi, $376,000.

Stella Blue Lane, 2959-Jeffery E. and Sandra Jutte to Patrick Martin and Donna Elizabeth Antkowiak, $875,000.

Cathedral Forest Dr., 8312-Kenneth A. and Adeko Evans to William F. and Caroline S. McCollough, $890,000.

Parkview Ave., 7210-Melvin J. and Jacqueline M. Schlattman to Andrew M. Stockdale and Rachel I. Melton, $435,000.

Shady Lane, 6416-Estate of June Elizabeth Murdock to James Edward Wesley Millar III and Kimberly Megan Smith, $759,900.

Westmoreland St., 2221-Steven L. and Dana L. Giddens to Anuj Kumar and Kavitash K. Arora, $1.25 million.

Duxbury Pl., 2505-David M. Wennergren and Robin M. Gilmore to Robert L. and Virginia Maria Snyder, $615,000.

Fort Hunt Rd., 8907-Matthew A. and Alexandra Smith Edwards to Michael A. and Naoko S. Urena, $745,000.

Constellation Dr., 858-Douglas J. Whie and Kimberly K.B. White to Anurag and Emma J. Sharma, $1.05 million.

Holly Spring Dr., 11908-Thomas Russell and Christine Helen Hinckley to Viktoriya and Andriy Palamarchuk, $775,000.

Branch Dr., 957-Elizabeth Guerrero and Agrupina G. Martinez to Shiva and Muna Bhatta Bhusal, $325,000.

Missouri Ave., 316-Douglas M. Shuster and Regina M. Gimenez to Tammy L. and Cindy L. Smith, $460,000.

New Parkland Dr., 12900-David M. and Anne M. Shemenski to John M. O’Rourke and Jennifer E. Cherpes, $625,000.

Salk St., 13696, No. 282-Chandra Prakash Reddy Gujjula to Nicholas Graves and Kaitlyn Athing, $375,000.

Viking Dr., 2753-Francis and Christine Purcell to Katherine Corbeil and Matthew James Hamill, $509,900.

Indian Dr., 2608, No. 1D-Seth P. Brown and Nancy A. Moorachian to Richard and Mei Ching Delaquis, $170,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 1016-James R. Williams and Cynthia Gillette to Chung H. and Jae H. Cho, $297,500.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5904, No. 318-Lynda Hergenrather to Robert A. Louis and Adelaida Carrasquillo Latorre, $465,000.

Grumman Pl., 7415-Robert Clay Fields Jr. to Keston Kenson Cordner and Peaches Oneka Sturge Cordner, $390,000.

Cheyenne Knoll Pl., 5409-Robert J. Leese and Melissa A. Ledesma Leese to Jonathan and Terri Shonerd, $500,000.

First Statesman Lane, 5556-Robin F. O’Brien and Rachel M. Hodges to Rashida Robinson Shorter, $335,000.

Rhododendron Cir., 8917-Maria J. Castro to Manimegali Murugavel and Murugavel Chengalvarayan, $795,000.

Chesterbrook Rd., 6015-Patrick S. Ryan and Jennifer L. Mussett to Nadir Abdellatif Mohammed and Sulafa Salah Ahmed Khair, $815,000.

Hampton Ridge Dr., 1473-Thomas W. Haug and Christine A. Courtois to Judy Duhaime and Ronald J. Streck, $910,000.

McLean Ct., 6631-Colin M. and Monique Laforce Alberts to Frank Eckert Snyder and Lydia L.P. Snyder, $725,000.

Pine Creek Ct., 6729-Kevin C. Ruess and Maria E. Rengifo Ruess to Radu and Camelia Rosu, $1.12 million.

Shipman Lane, 1102-Michael B. Iwanicki and Amir Ali Khazai to S. Rob and Guilda Sobhani, $2.5 million.

Stoneham Ct., 1241-Thomas D. and Regina D. Devlin to Richard J. and Bernadette Nowinski, $1.01 million.

Wimbledon Dr., 1168-Jonathan F. and Charlotte A. Lillard to Gregory Allen and Loren Stenson Brower, $770,000.

Adel Rd., 10515-Bernard E. Moens and Kimberley E. Raleigh to Kevin Dollard and Kim Marie Diercksen, $900,000.

Norborne Pl., 2824-Gerard T. Warwick and Robert S. Arthur to Sandeep Mahajan and Karine Pascale Roche Mahajan, $1.07 million.

Bedfordshire Cir., 2348-Gregory R. and Sheila A. Bright to Norma I. Herrera and Gloria E. Alvarez, $498,000.

Middle Creek Lane, 2349-Aaron T. and Cheri Lynn Hostetler to Neil Michaels and Whitney Small, $369,000.

Scandia Cir., 1558-Patrick Saavedera and Maria Anna Katalina Farkas to Tyson and Elaine R. Warren, $425,000.

Stirrup Rd., 12116-George S. and Bernice A. Rader to Andrew N. Scharf and Jessica A. Finster, $600,000.

Greenwood Dr., 6184, No. 101-Juan Carlos Rocha and Lorenz Fuentes Alvarado to Ana M. Flores, $161,700.

Deepford St., 6434-Thomas Lawson and Rosa Kestler Davidson to David V. and Cherean F. Hinckley, $485,000.

Eagle Rock Lane, 8827-Michael E. and Jennifer A. Riordan to Christian E. Torres and Beatriz E. Porras, $474,000.

Glenville Ct., 7617-Todd Carl Wiemers and Mayte Medina to Rufino Antonio and Amor Marie Cascarro, $520,000.

Southwater Ct., 8202-Gregory J. Day and Stephanie A. Slobodian to Haikel and Meron Makonnen, $436,000.

Echols St. SE, 904-A.R. Design Group Inc. to Robie I. Samanta Roy and Nesrien N. Geerges, $1.74 million.

Gallows Rd., 2726, No. 211-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Feng Li to Srinivasa Rallabandi, $328,000.

Lupine Den Ct., 1597-John F. Neslne and Molly B. Nesline to Hazem Derhalli and Massoumeh Behbahani, $1.23 million.

Old Ash Grove, 1488-Edward P. and Kathleen M. Sheehan to Robert B. Torpey III and Erin M. Joyce, $750,000.

Park Tower Dr., 2651, No. 4-Sean Douglas Corey and Patricia Leita de Miranda to Chongmin Thomas Hyun, $470,000.

Second Ave., 8326-John Charles and Suzanne Lauren Herzberg to Justin B. Pullen and Nancy S. Grimes, $640,000.

Stonewall Dr., 8501-Michael S. and Robin W. Lundy to Debra J. Reynolds and Scott C. Shanklin, $585,000.

Villanova Dr., 2521-Richard J. and Ronald L. McNulty to Katie B. Schaffold and Geoffrey C. Pidano, $735,000.

Carrleigh Pkwy., 8266-Michael D.D. Andrea and Janice L.D. Andrea to Shubra and Anupam Barua, $420,000.

Harwood Pl., 7716-Eskandar Real Estate Investments Corp. to Paul Justin Alex D. Avilar and Melissa Onicka D. Avilar, $460,000.

Sydenstricker Rd., 7200-Gerald J. and Allyson J. Henrich to Michael E. and Jennifer A. Riordan, $737,500.

Vancouver Rd., 6924-Michael G. and Lauren M. Austin to Joshua James Dugan and Amanda Marie Arthur Dugan, $474,000.

Winding Hollow Way, 8878-Patrick Donnelly and Maura McGuire to Rogers C. and Kathleen Michele Veale, $433,000.

Ellison Sq., 1020-Mona R. Trempe and Jan B. Hertzsch to Ruslan Konstantinov and Dilyana Markova, $708,000.

16mm Eye Bolt

Grove Ave., 335-Grove Avenue Development Corp. to Ross Philip and Kayla Stachniak Kaplan, $1.5 million.

Small Turnbuckle, Turnbuckle Hardware, Stainless Turnbuckle - Rui De Tai,