The new DTR180ZK rebar tying tool by Makita is powered by a brushless motor for extended runtime, increased power, and is also compatible with both 14.4V and 18V Makita lithium-ion batteries.

Makita’s first ever introduction of a cordless rebar tying tool allows fast and efficient application of rebar tie wire and eliminates manual action. Weighing a comfortable 2.6kg, with the battery, the DTR180ZK is designed to achieve the fastest method of applying rebar ties quickly and consistently, as well as automatically delivering double loop ties for a range of construction applications such as building concrete foundations.

It can be operated single-handedly, in single or continuous action, allowing the other hand to remain free to adjust the position of the rebars. This tool can also be used with D10, D13 and D16 rebar in varying combinations of 2, 3 and 4 pieces of rebars.

The traditional method of rebar tying is by hand with a metal hook, which is fine for small areas, however, for larger construction sites the DTR180ZK will prove to be economical as it will save time and manpower while achieving maximum consistency of application.

With a maximum power output of 340W, this tying tool can be used in continuous action mode for the most efficient tying. The applicator can tie rebars simply by pushing the contact arm against the rebars when the trigger is continuously pulled. Using a 5.0Ah lithium-ion battery up to 120 ties of 0.8mm diameter annealed wire can be delivered.

The new Makita brushless rebar tying tool complements the range of battery operated rebar cutters, as well as the steel rod cutter, and is supplied in a robust carry case.

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