Making Mountains out of Mold Steel—Literally When graphite molds wouldn’t cut it for a manufacturer of hand-blown drinking glasses, this shop machined more durable stainless steel molds to create the famous mountainous shapes that emerge from the bottom of its customer’s nifty drinkware.

High-Productivity End Mills Made Possible Due to Tech of Penn Plant Seco Tools cites the Stabilizer 2.0 end mill as an example of the type of product it is able to manufacture because of the grinding technology that has been part of the improvement of its Niagara Cutter facility.

End Mill Geometry Enables Doubled Feed Rates Niagara Cutter, a subsidiary of Seco Tools, recently launched its Stabilizer 2.0 next-generation family of end mills.

Solid Carbide End Mills Reduce Chatter Niagara Cutter will display its line of solid carbide Stabilizer end mills. The end mills feature specially engineered, variable-flute geometries designed to reduce distorting harmonics and chatter.

High-Performance Thread Mills Niagara Cutter’s line of high-performance carbide thread mills is designed for productive, consistent machining of high-quality threads.

Carbide Punch Carbide Die Insert

Video: Trochoidal Milling This approach to rough milling replaces straight lines with “curlicue” moves of constant radius.

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