Favored by modern yogis, aerial yoga gives the ability to fully invert with ease and adds support for more complex poses. Being airborne also opens up possibilities for entirely new positions.

Hailed as a remarkable therapy for relaxation and posture, yoga swings are great for developing core strength, flexibility, and decompressing the spine.

Whether you’re a yogi looking to practice aerial fitness at home or you’re opening a new studio, these yoga hammocks are the best out there. Here’s why.

This professional yoga hammock by Firetoys is studio-grade quality, so if you’re looking to take the peace of your yoga studio back home to you, this is the swing for you.

Get flying right out of the box — all hardware included. Each hammock is fully tested for safety before leaving the UK. The swings are tied to stainless steel O rings using a specially chosen knot. You have flexibility here: rig it as a 1 or 2 point hammock.

There’s enough fabric to lay fully flat for a meditation session or even take a horizontal split if you have the flexibility. 6m of length affords the space to adjust knots for a variety of heights that suit any ceiling.

The hammocks have only 10% stretch, which is actually fantastic when it comes to support and comfort. Any moves that require a thin band (like inversions) are more comfortable.

Designed by Anthony Cardenas, a physical therapist who specializes in back and neck care, the hammocks are designed to give you the tools you need to help heal and strengthen your body. 

Height adjustment loops are sewn into the long handles for easy height adjustment of the sling and short handles. This eliminates the need for daisy chains for small height adjustments. 

Hang it conventionally, or try the Omni Gym “The Works” — it’s a 14 piece bundle with a stand, the swing itself, a spring trapeze, instructional poster, and DVDs.

If you don’t want all that, maybe you’ll just want the Omni spring trapeze for a 360-degree swivel and gentle bounce. The spring can also be used alone as a pull-up bar.

These medium stretch F. Life silks are ideal for climbing with a non-stick texture that provides a better grip. The lower stretch and thinner width are made for intense poses and tricks!

40 denier tricot weave fabric hangs at 14.5 feet on each side. Two steel screw-lock carabiners, a rescue 8 descender, mountaineering swivel, nylon daisy chains, and carrying bag are all included, so you can fly right out of the box (the fabric won’t even be wrinkled!)

Aerial acrobats will love this home or studio setup. Hang it from a tall tree, garage, or 8-13 ft ceiling (or tie a bigger knot for a lower ceiling).

This isn’t the only F. Life aerial silk on our list. It’s a well-known brand for its studio-quality hammocks!

This golden silk aerial yoga hammock kit by Healthy Model Life is longer than others and great for more experienced yogis. The hardware and an aerial yoga video class are included!

Setup couldn’t be more straightforward: two carabiners, two daisy chains, and a carry bag mean you can take it anywhere with an exposed beam or tree branch!

Cocoon yourself into this super soft, silky, luxurious hammock after an aerial workout. Inversions that may have been tricky on a mat are effortless with the swing’s assistance.

The gorgeous silky fabric, which is often used in authentic Indian silks, is over 12 feet by 9 feet, which is double the size of others on this list.  It can safely hold 440 lbs.

Fully cocooned, lying flat, or swing style: you choose, but this long 16.5 ft aerial yoga set is strong, sturdy, and ready for your everyday practice.

The fabric has low vertical stretch and high horizontal stretch, so as you fly through the air, you won’t stretch out and hit the ground. The two-point hang makes it more comfortable than one-point because it allows more space for you to float.

Aerial yoga exercises lead to weight loss, lessened anxiety, better sleep, more relaxation — and the large three-yard cocoon is also perfect for sensory therapy.

We’d also like to point out the cheerful, beautiful designs — our favorite on this list! Choose from styles like Spring, Fairy, Flame, and Sanlow.

If you’re a pro yogi who already has an aerial rig set up, these colorful new silks by Aum Active are high quality for a lesser price (less equipment — lower price!)

Made of soft, high-quality tricot, the fabric is lightly elastic — but less stretchy than others on this list, if that’s what you’re looking for. It would be perfect for a smaller space and works really well for kids, too. The swing holds up well to lots of spinning and twisting, so it’s especially great for sensory play.

This 13’x9′ silk will ease your transition from pose-to-pose and allow you to try new moves comfortably. 

If you want this SAME aerial hammock with the carabiners and extension straps included, Aum Active sells that too for just a little more.

This aerial hammock gets nothing but positive reviews! The lightweight yet durable parachute fabric is put together with high-quality stitching and bright colors. People LOVE the big, padded handles.

Two multi-loop strength daisy chains can handle 200 lbs per hanging strap (for a total of 600 lbs) so safety will never be an issue — at least, not because of the hammock!

Not only is the price right on point, but this yoga swing also includes an exercise loop band (elastic), a sweat wristband, two extension straps, and a drawstring bag for portability.

Whether you’re looking for inversion therapy, upper body strength or a place for your kids to hang out and calm down, the Yoga Swing by Newk Yoga will not disappoint.

YOGABODY is a popular yoga studio and this is their signature trapeze. It’s sold in 81 countries! You can’t go wrong with this one. Hang it from a ceiling, beam, tree, or their YOGABODY yoga trapeze stand.

If you’re a yoga instructor, they also offer teacher training with aerial poses. If you’re not a yoga instructor, you’ll love the free DVD video tutorials and pose chart.

A ton of different hues make this springy yet sturdy silk hammock a fun choice for stretching and relieving back pain.

With its carry bag and easy assembly, F.Life’s yoga swing is designed for on-the-go yogis. Bring it to your studio for an aerial class or hang it from a branch at the park for an airy, whimsical practice.

You’ll have plenty of room to comfortably lay flat in the silky material that hugs your body like a tight cocoon.

Three comfort-foam handles and three straps on each side of this yoga trapeze support beginner aerial yogis to make traditional poses easier.

The handles are on separate carabiners from the swing, so you can adjust their height on the extension straps. They also each have their own strip of fabric, so you can use either one, two, or three handles. You can even use the straps on their own (without the handles).

Reviewers also mentioned that the durability, no-stretch, and handiness of this yoga trapeze make it useful for other fun activities, too.

The UpCircleSeven yoga swing sports large, padded handles and seat — more padded than other popular anti-gravity swings — for superior comfort. This beginner-friendly hammock has been a best seller since 2016.

Available in six colors, the aerial hammock comes with a digital guide and two multi-loop climber strength extension straps. Kids love it too!

In a typical day, our spines compress and squish from stress, lack of exercise, and poor posture. This is one of the most common causes of back pain. A simple, natural solution to reversing that is hanging upside down and letting your vertebrates expand. Using your swing as a yoga trapeze allows you to stretch, expand, and re-align your back.

Just five minutes upside down a day will bring joy and improve back pain.  Enjoy antigravity yoga, aerial pilates, antigravity yoga, spinal decompression, or sensory swing therapy from the comfort of your home!

On top of that, free movement is a fun way to wear out your muscles and ease pain, tension, and stress. 

Inversions that may have been difficult on a mat are effortless when supported in a yoga swing. Not only is aerial yoga a break from the ordinary hot flow class, but soft hammocks allow a deeper and different stretch than what you get on the ground. Your core strength, upper body strength, and flexibility are all about to transform. It's a great way to switch up your weight training days to add balance, coordination, and lengthening.

Yoga hammocks aren't just for yogis; kids also LOVE them. All children have a blast playing in yoga swings, but they can even act as a calming therapy accessory for special needs children. Occupational therapists and parents love it!

Hang it from a tree; hang it from a doorway; hang it from a yoga stand; hang it from your ceiling. Hang it from anywhere up high!

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Like regular yoga but flying in the air, aerial yoga gently coaxes your body and joints into shape and relieves the everyday tension that builds up in the body when we're restricted to the ground. In the air, you’re free to move, expand, and stretch. Feel your aches and pains melt away and improve flexibility with every day you spend on your new yoga hammock.

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