If you’re a fan of the speedy blue video game character that became Sega’s mascot in

If you’re a fan of the speedy blue video game character that became Sega’s mascot in 1991 — and you love stuffing your own adorable plush toys — you’re in luck. Sonic the Hedgehog is now available at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores. In conjunction with last week’s successful “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie release (it earned a cool $70 million over the holiday weekend), Build-A-Bear has released a super-cute soft toy version of the character. It’s already out of stock online, but an announcement on Twitter last week indicates that you should now be able to find the product in stores around North America. Here comes the BOOM! Sonic The Hedgehog is available online today. In stores in North America tomorrow! US: https://t.co/twYGFeNw8z UK Web: https://t.co/TbP1Q5mwXj pic.twitter.com/KcoUHXTyoB The basic Sonic the Hedgehog Build-A-Bear toy costs $29. As with all Build-A-Bear toys, you can have it stuffed at the store to suit your huggability preference. (Personally, I prefer mine softer. I mean, my kid does!) And of course, you can add a little fabric heart. You can also pay $7 to have the Sonic Movie Phrases sound chip added into your plush. This little doodad can be pressed to emit one o...

Ten-Year-Old Entrepreneur Donates $2,000 To Local Animal Charities

A ten year old entrepreneur from Belleville, Canada has donated $2000 to local animal charities in the last two years. Kashton Weinber started Kash’s Kreations when he was just eight years old — a small business selling items such as robots, keychains, and decorative fish made from materials such as repurposed driftwood and rope. Kash says that 50 percent of the profit from each sale he makes gets donated to local charities. His charities of choice are the Quinte Humane Society and Fixed Fur Life. Baby Carrier Weinber is deeply invested in protecting both wild and domesticated animals, and works to raise awareness about species at risk such as the western black rhino and the pangolin.  “When I grow up, I don’t want to have to explain to my kids that all these animals in pictures and books are extinct now,” he said. Cosmetic Bag, Storage Bag – V-FOX,https://www.v-foxchina.com/